Only the highest quality waxes from Perron Rigot Paris, the leading brand in the waxing industry, are used for all wax treatments to ensure a perfect result. Both strip and non-strip wax (hot wax) are used depending on the area to be treated, removing even the coarsest, toughest and shortest of hairs. The wax is gentle and hypo-allergenic and can be used on the most sensitive skins for a super smooth, silky soft finish.

Half Leg

Lower leg - a longer lasting, stubble free alternative to standard shaving, the lower leg wax removes hair from the root and includes the knee down to the ankle to leave the skin smooth with a soft sheen.

Full Leg

Removes hair from the root from the bikini line to the ankle to leave the skin smooth with a soft sheen.

Half Arm

Lower arm - hair is removed from the elbow down to the wrists, including elbows.

Full Arm

Removes hair from shoulders to wrists, leaving the skin smooth and soft.


A low temperature hot wax to ensure you will no longer see they grey shadow that can occur with shaving.


A low temperature hot wax to remove hair from the sides and the top of the knicker line on the front of the bikini area only.

Extended Bikini (G-String)

A low temperature hot wax to remove slightly more hair from the bikini area, removing hair further inwards of the bikini area.


A low temperature hot wax to remove everything from the intimate areas of the bikini region as well as the sides and top of the bikini area leaving a strip of hair at the front.


Using a low temperature hot wax, all hair in the bikini area and intimate areas (front and back) are removed

Full Body

A full body wax to include full leg, full arm, underarm & bikini, leaving you smooth and hair free for weeks.

Upper Lip

A low temperature wax around the delicate lip area to ensure you have a smooth finish with no or little redness.


A low temperature wax on this delicate area to remove hair from the root which will make the hair grow back thinner over time.