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A complete range of brow and lash treatments that will enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Whether you are looking for perfectly preened brows or fuller natural looking lashes, these treatments will transform even the most unruly, sparse or over-plucked brows into perfect arches. Individual eyelash extensions and eyelash tinting treatments are also available to give a your lashes extra colour and volume that lasts.

Eyebrow Wax

Shape and tidy natural brows to achieve definition

Eyebrow Tint*

Add colour to your brows for extra definition. Tint lasts between 1-2 weeks.

Eyebrow Wax & Tint*

Shape, tidy and tint for high definition brows & lashes 

Adding colour to eyelashes, making them appear noticeably darker and thicker

Eyelash Tint*
Eyebrow & Lash Tint*

Adding colour to brows and lashes for the ultimate ‘no smudge’ look

Lash Lift (LVL)*

The Lash Lift is long lasting, giving your eyes a natural wide-eyed look for up to six weeks. This treatment curls the hairs from the root giving lashes instant Length, Volume

and Lift and also includes tinting to the top eyelashes.

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Individual mink lashes applied to existing lashes for a natural semi-permanent effect, that enhance and extend.

Eyelash Extension Infills
2D Eyelash Extensions

A natural semi-permanent effect, that enhance and extend, adding instant volume and glamour combining 2 lashes in one. 

2D Eyelash Extension Infills

* Treatments require a patch test 

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